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Here are a few of my personal pieces with the press:

Write an Arbitrary List and Pretend

A Millennial Stares into the Abyss and the Abyss Sends her a Revolution of Love

The Late Winter Cold

Erasure the Occupant #21| The Great Me—I—I Before You

Senate Acquits

Poetry: In the Morning, We Make a Plant-Based Smoothie with every Magnesium

ARTicle: Hold Them Accountable

Erasure Poetry with Sound Element: Reconstruct Woman

Book Review: Forging through the Flame: A Review of Bola Opaleke’s “Skeleton of a Ruined Song”

Poetry: Robot Love Song: An Opera. An Accident.

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It’s a bit like a date with an almost-married woman, but instead of staring at me awkwardly across a table while I mumble about bands from the nineties, poetic construction, old dead languages, and Sappho fragments, I can write these things down, and you never have to personally deal with my violent moods. I would be endlessly appreciative of your support. Taking the donut.

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Awards, Nominations (World Titles)

Black Bough Poetry Reader’s Choice Award 2019, Black Bough Issue 3: Yolk, In a Sentimental Mood

Best of the Net Nominated Piece: Corvid Queen, Halcyon

Best of the Net & Rhysling Award Nominated Piece: Riddled with Arrows, Relic

Diablo Valley College Literary Contest; First Place; Fiction: DVC Inquirer Treat

Diablo Valley College Literary Contest; Second Place; Poetry: This piece was published in Susurrus Magazine (through SCC) in 2015. 

When We Lost (on Soundcloud)

Diablo Valley College Literary Contest; Honorable Mention; Poetry:

Why are you Dashing my Dreams on the Cruel Rocks of Reality (On Soundcloud)

Past & Present Supplications

The Art of Self-Proclaimed Solitude, Branches. Roots.

Wandered into a Beehive

Longleaf Review, You Swallow a Super Moon and a Doctor You Have Never Met Prescribes Prednisone

Crêpe & Penn, Onion Flowers are Beginning; To Love is to Love

Theta Wave, The Grain of the Voice in the Failing Head

Stolen Time: An Anthology of Poems Written at Desk Jobs (Whatever Keeps the Lights On Mag,) A Mumble of Clouds

The Poetry Question: Power of Poetry Essay Series, Power of Poetry #83: Poetry has destroyed my life. But I keep coming back to it like an attic-wife.

Menacing Hedge, A Foundress Quakes

Menacing Hedge, Steep the Candle with a Bell—Slake Her Fire

Menacing Hedge ‘Scary Bush Feature’, Two Untitled Pieces

Headline Poetry & Press, In the Morning, We Make a Plant-Based Protein Smoothie with Every Magnesium

Lammergeier Magazine, Feast

Headline Poetry and Press, Reconstruct Woman

Headline Poetry and Press, book review, Forging through the Flame: A Review of Bola Opaleke’s “Skeleton of a Ruined Song”

Headline Poetry and Press, Robot Love Song: An Opera (An accident).

Feminine Collective, Lavender

Rhythm & Bones Press, Growing

Twist in Time Mag, Recall Has Become An Affliction

Fevers of  the Mind Press: Avalanches in Poetry, His Woman Is Free; I Have Tried In My Way

The Wild Word, A Meme for the Winged; Woman Wreathed in Seaweed

Black Bough Issue 3: Yolk, In a Sentimental Mood

The Ekphrastic Review, La Belle Captive

Chanterelle’s Notebook, Striking Room; The Dwelling Tree; Maladora

Dusk and Shiver Magazine, Psyche Sound-Bathes on the Summer Solstice

The Ekphrastic Review, The Ransom

Neon MariposaComplete / Static; Doctor Says

Taco Bell Quarterly, Sappho at the Drive-Thru; o Taco!

Cauldron Anthology, Ceres Invokes Famine

Feminine Collective, Brísingamen

Nine Muses, The End of the World as the End of Tranquility

Nightingale and Sparrow, Portents

Corvid Queen, Halcyon

Black Bough, Self

Riddled with Arrows, Relic

Mojave Heart Review, Star String, Wind

Ghost City Review,  Watching Your Love Bloom

Iron Horse Literary Review, Two Hymns

Burning House Press, We Make Our Instruments; No Chicken

Door-Is-A-Jar, Bread and Love

Peculiars Magazine, I Know I Have to Take These Pills; Nesting : Boiling

Feminine Collective, Sounding

Rhythm & Bones Lit: Dark Matter, Sun Feast

Isacoustic, Misophonia

Eunoia Review, Stretch; She; Walnut; The Love Letter

Moonchild Magazine, Corn

Quiet Storm, Mass

Written Here: The Community of Writers Poetry Review, Post Radio

Panoply, Pregnancy Pantoum

Whatever Keeps the Lights On Magazine, The Distance to Apple, Plastic Containment of Brown-Sugar Oatmeal, Green Tea

The Daily Californian, Death Before Birth

DVC Inquirer, Treat

Solidarity Blog, I Know I Have to Take These Pills; Nesting: Boiling