Whatever Keeps the Lights On


Whatever Keeps the Lights On Magazine graciously accepted my poem “The Distance to Apple, Plastic Containment of Brown-Sugar Oatmeal, Green Tea “. This is a rambling fantasy that takes place on a short lunch break about jumping out of the unbreakable, unopenable window of a corporate building, and hopping a train to the ocean.

Distance to Apple



I’m honored and pleased that my poem “Two Hymns” was named one of the finalists in the Iron Horse Literary Review Photofinish. This was an ekphrastic piece in dialogue with a photograph supplied by IHLR. This piece as well as those of the winner and other finalists will be posted on the IHLR website on New Year’s.

Read ‘Two Hymns’ here.

Burning Down the House


The fantastically kind November guest editor of Burning House Press, Paul Hawkins, has selected two of my poems to appear in “Facing Up to the Future”

The first poem was inspired by a series of talks about trees I recently encountered at the UC botanical garden. Much love to all.

Read “No Chicken” and “We Make Our Instruments” here:

We Make Our Instruments, No Chicken