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Bio 2

Kari A. Flickinger spent her childhood wandering aimlessly through the mountains of Northern California. She was a 2019 nominee for the Rhysling Award, and a finalist in the Iron Horse Literary Review’s 2018 Photo Finish. She is an alumna of UC Berkeley. When she is not writing, she can be found playing guitar and singing to her unreasonably large Highlander cat, as well as obsessively over-analyzing the details of neighboring trees. You can find her online at: kariflickinger.com, and on twitter as @kariflickinger.

Her poetry and short stories have been published in, or are forthcoming from:

Riddled with Arrows, Neon Mariposa, Mojave Heart Review, Ghost City Review,  Iron Horse Literary Review, Burning House Press, Door-Is-A-Jar, Nightingale and Sparrow, Corvid Queen, Twist in Time, Cauldron Anthology, Nine Muses, Black Bough, Solidarity Blog, Peculiars Magazine, Feminine Collective, Rhythm & Bones Lit: Dark Matter, Isacoustic, Eunoia Review, Moonchild Magazine, Quiet Storm, Written Here: The Community of Writers Poetry Review, Panoply, Whatever Keeps the Lights On Magazine, Milk Journal, Susurrus, Falcon Scratch, The Daily Californian, and the DVC Inquirer. 


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